Coding Bat: Python Solutions

I was quite surprised by the relatively high interest people seem to have in my Coding Bat: Java solutions, but I’m glad that others find them helpful. I therefore decided to upload my Coding Bat: Python solutions as well. The Python section on Coding Bat is not nearly as extensive as their Java counterpart. Still, for anyone wanting to get started with programming, the exercises offer a gentle introduction to basic programming concepts.

I have gone through all exercises, and I will publish all solutions. There is not much need for commentary, but I will point out a few things. However, please try to solve the problems yourself. There is little point in copy & pasting my solutions just to earn a “gold star” at that website.

If you’re starting out with programming and think you want to pick up a “real” language like Java first, I can only encourage you to compare a few of the Python solutions with their Java counterpart. At the very least, you’ll probably find that Python code is more readable. As you gain more experience, you might also come to the conclusion that it’s more enjoyable to write Python than Java code.

I’ll go through all sections sequentially, and intend to post one section per day.

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