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Upcoming Poster Presentation at Euro-Par 2019

Our paper “Active-Code Replacement in the OODIDA Data Analytics Platform” has been accepted to the poster session at Euro-Par 2019, which will take place from August 26 to 30 in Goettingen, Germany. The abstract is reproduced below. A preprint of the paper the poster is based on is available on arXiv, where you also find a preprint of the paper on OODIDA.

Title: Active-Code Replacement in the \OODIDA Data Analytics Platform
Authors: Gregor Ulm, Emil Gustavsson, Mats Jirstrand 

OODIDA (On-board/Off-board Distributed Data Analytics) is a
platform for distributing and executing concurrent data analytics
tasks. It targets fleets of reference vehicles in the automotive
industry and has a particular focus on rapid prototyping. Its
underlying message-passing infrastructure has been implemented in
Erlang/OTP. External Python applications perform data analytics
tasks. Most work is performed by clients (on-board). A central
server performs supplementary tasks (off-board). OODIDA can be
automatically packaged and deployed, which necessitates restarting
parts of the system, or all of it. This is potentially disruptive. 
To address this issue, we added the ability to execute user-
defined Python modules on clients as well as the server. These 
modules can be replaced without restarting any part of the system 
and they can even be replaced between iterations of an ongoing 
assignment. This facilitates use cases such as iterative A/B
testing of machine learning algorithms or deploying experimental
algorithms on-the-fly.