My self-archived publications are available on my Gitlab code repository. The papers I have authored or co-authored are listed below. Preprints can be found on my arXiv page.

– (preprint) Contraction Clustering (RASTER): A Very Fast Big Data Algorithm for Sequential and Parallel Density-Based Clustering in Linear Time, Constant Memory, and a Single Pass
– (preprint) Active-Code Replacement in the OODIDA Data Analytics Platform
– (preprint) OODIDA: On-board/Off-board Distributed Data Analytics for Connected Vehicles
– Functional Federated Learning in Erlang (fflerl)

– A Performance Evaluation of Federated Learning Algorithms (co-authored)
– PLC Factory: Automating Routine Tasks in Large-Scale PLC Software Development

– Contraction Clustering (RASTER): A Big Data Algorithm for Density-Based Clustering in Constant Memory and Linear Time