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Installing Agda in OS X 10.9

I recently set up Agda on OS X 10.9, and noticed that there was a very minor difference in step 3, as compared to the description on the official page on installing Agda on OSX. The steps are as follows:

1) Install the Haskell Platform

2) Type “cabal update” in the terminal

3) Update the PATH variable in the file .bash_profile, which is to be found in your home directory. If not, create it. Editing .profile had no effect on my OS X installation. Paste this line into bash_profile:

export PATH="$HOME/Library/Haskell/bin:$PATH"

4) Type “cabal install Agda” in the terminal

5) Install Aquamacs

6) Type “agda-mode setup” in the terminal. Note that this step will fail if you didn’t add Haskell to your PATH in .bash_profile.

7) Restart Aquamacs

Now load an .agda file to ensure that the menu ‘Agda’ appears in the menu bar of Aquamacs. Afterwards, you can proceed installing the Agda standard library.

Think Python Solutions on Github

I’m quite surprised how much interest there has been in my solutions of the Coding Bat exercises. Therefore, I’ve decided to publish my solutions of the end-of-chapter exercises from Allen Downey’s Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist as well. You can find them on my github page.

My solutions are almost complete. I only skimmed the chapters on turtle graphics, GUI (Tkinter), and most of object-oriented programming.

Allen Downey himself provides solutions to many of the exercises. You’ll find solutions to all exercises he doesn’t provide a solution to on my github page. The others aren’t duplicates, though. I have had a look at a few of Allen Downey’s solutions, and some were a bit different from mine. So, it may be worth checking out both if you decide to go through Think Python. You’ll probably learn something from both Allen Downey’s and my solutions.