Mastering CodingBat (Java), Vol. 1: Basics

Mastering CodingBat (Java), Vol. 1: Basics is the first book in my four-part series on the Java sequence of Coding Bat programming problems.

This paperback book covers the following sections:

– Warmup-1
– String-1
– Array-1
– Logic-1

In total, this amounts to 121 problems. There are over 350 code listings. Each problem is carefully explained. Hints are provided. Each problem comes with a sample solution, including explanations. A large number of problems also has an extensive discussion associated with it, in which I elaborate on different approaches. Here is a sample PDF with the full table of contents and two problem discussions.

You can order Mastering CodingBat (Java), Vol. 1: Basics online on, or the various international sites, for instance

You can also order it at your local bookstore if you give them the ISBN number, which is 978-3942017107. That’ll probably be a more expensive option. Also, note that this is a print-on-demand book. If Amazon is out of stock, just order it. It’ll be printed within one or two days and will quickly be on its way to you.